Thursday, October 29, 2009

Artist: Ana Carolina

Who's Going To Call You Now- Ana Carolina
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Who's Going To Call You Now, was a song written by Sujery Genao. She is not only my sister, but my best friend as well. I co-wrote and helped edit it. My name is Ana Carolina. You can call me A.C. I am an up and coming singer ready to take this world by storm. I love to sing and write. It is not just a hobby. It is my career and my first love. I hope you like what you hear. There will be more to come. Hopefully, I will be the next artist you will be singing along with!.

Thank you for your time,


Ana Carolina

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  1. Defiantly have to say that I burn through music very quickly doing this design thing. Happen to come across this song and I'm not going to lie I had it on repeat for about two hours. Love how it has its own feel / style. I'm a fan and enough of me talking check out the song and let her know what you think. Support is the key to moving forward. Inspire. Live. Dream.

    -Ivan Orama-