Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movie Review!

Wicker Park

Director: Paul McGuigan

Starring: Josh Hartnett, Rose Byrne, Matthew Lillard and Diane Kruger

A twisted tale of betrayal, deceit and deception. A man searches for his long lost love while getting entangled in someone else's lust. It's a pretty remarkable quest. So check it, I've never heard of this movie. The first time I ever heard about it was at the library when I was raiding them for five free movies at a time. After I get checked out, I grab two slices of pizza - a brooklyn and a grandma slice - and head home to take a look at what I had just picked up. I forget exactly what it was that I threw in first, but I remember it only lasted 10 minutes before I removed the DVD. Then clear as day I remember dropping, wicker park in and watching the introduction to the film. I was stoked that this was going to be dope.

The direction of the movie is sick. The small transitions seen

throughout the piece are effective. The angles are right to depict each

scene. The pace is coherent to the events triggering your heart to race

or slow with suspense. Everything about this movie is dope.

I personally think Josh Hartnett is a solid actor. I've dug Matthew Lillard's work, including Shaggy, since he played Stu in Scream. First time ever seeing Rose and I think she was extremely believable. More specifically towards the end when Josh finds out the truth. Diane Kruger was also very convincing not to mention kind of hot and reminded me of a girl I know. It really is such a stylish film with an insane wardrobe. A superb soundtrack. And a crazy yet calm retro sleek set design which ices the cake. The blatant use of photography as his passion was dope. The long lost lover was a dancer who seemingly floated away. The lies coming from an actress pretending to be more than what she was. Even the cars they drove were precise and on point.

The movie plays out with a time lapse. Meaning, jumping around from selective important moments in each of their lives respectfully effected by one another giving this movie a certain sexual prowess. The lust between the two main characters engulfs you to begin to lust for them yourself. Even the sex scene is dream like. This film has a way of drawing you so within the story and into the characters. You will have a hard time wanting to get out of it. Especially the last half hour of the movie. The plot is constantly twisting. As a writer that is something difficult to pull off. Here it was executed perfectly. These type of films I admire. I look forward to seeing, "L'appartement", (1996) which is the original.

Movie Review

Matthew K.

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