Monday, October 26, 2009

What the F!
Halloween Costumes

Last minute WTF!

I really don't know what to say. This is for all the last minute grab and go type style people. Mom, give me that broom you witch. Dad, give me that tight ass Carhart Jacket from work. Sis, give me that blonde wig you put on when you bang your boyfriend so he thinks your a Bimbo. I'm from Holland isn't that weird. How anyone would have a set of clogs in there house is beyond me. But you can just put on anything that looks as ridiculous as these things. Pants, who needs them? Socks, yeah they don't match. Like I care in this outfit. Underwear, as short and tight as you can get them. Biker Helmet because I might get beat up in this shit! Also just to protect my Noggin. Enjoy your life.

Fatty Football!

Quick and easy. Find yours or a friends Football jersey and helmet. Let the fun begin. Sneak into your living room and take a few of moms favorite couch cushions for stuffing. Slam those cushions up into your shoulders and gut until you look like a fat ass. Depending on the weather, you can role with a pair of ripped up shorts or jeans. Sneak into dads garage and slip into a pair of dirty ass work boots just in case you have to kick some ass or hit the field. Last but not least, find a bandana and a 90's nasty pair of sunglasses so you really look like a tool bag.

The Psycho Rocker next door!

Shit!!! Boys and girls this costume in easy like the girl next door. White t-shirt with a splat of blood. Yeah!!! Splatter the shit out of that shirt so you look like a crazy mofo. Grandpa's leather jacket is in the hall closet. Snag that shit. While you're at it, grab his toupe or if you have a random wig laying around slap that sucker on. You know that one pair of dress pants you have just in case you have to go to a fancy event, put those bitches on and get another use out of them. You can go in any direction but I would suggest something that pops. Me, I got a pair of H&M shinny gold shoes that will make you think of The Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka. Last but not least, you are a killer so grab that Crocodile Dundee knife you got under your bed and show your wild side. You probably would be better off with something fake so you can get into the party. But it would be cool if you could rock the real deal. Throw some random shades on so your victim doesn't get a good look at your face when you cut them up. Yeah, that was a joke. So chill and don't murder anyone! Have a good time

on H-ween.....

What The F!

Kyle S.

Set Coordinator I.O

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