Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dj Sound Off: Sebastian Ingrosso

Living the Dream!!!

I am a person who is very into seeing things and

picturing myself in that situation. I think to myself,
how would I like to act? Who would I like to be
with? It's almost like practicing my state of
mind for the situation before I am even in it.
Every time I watch one of these S.Ingrosso
videos, I just get so amped up and say to myself
this is the life I want to live! I know I am doing
clothing and art, but this life I see S.Ingrosso
living is how I see my life being one day.
He is following his dream and having the time
of his life doing it! I cannot wait until I.O Clothing
and Art finally gets over the hump and heads really
start turning because of the noise we are making.
Enough of me talking. Check out these three
videos and you will understand where I am
coming from. Inspire. Live. Dream.
"09 TAKE OVER!!!"

Sebastian Ingrosso Tour Trailer

Sebastian Ingrosso Interview

Everytime We Touch - D. Guetta, S. Ingrosso, S. Angello, C. Willis

-Ivan Orama-

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