Monday, November 30, 2009

Read This!: Bam Margera

This time, Bam Margera is Dog Dirt.

Famous for his cringe-worthy laugh-out-loud daredevil stunts, Bam has thrilled and revolted audiences nationwide with his relentless antics. Now for the first time, Bam shares his private writings, never before seen personal photos, drawings and more in this dynamic anarchic auto-collage. It is a frenetic yet brutally honest document of the life in which he leads. Fans, who can't get enough of his rowdy shenanigans, will finally see what makes the star tick. Known for his creative style since becoming a pro skater at the age of thirteen, Bam pulls readers into his chaotic world -- the music, the movies, the games, the pranks, the skating, the glory and the pain....

Price: $35 bucks

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Kyle S.

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