Friday, January 29, 2010

Cleverly Clothed Event At Ella Lounge!!!

Cleverly Clothed Event

at Ella Lounge Last Friday.

I'm rushing home in stop and go traffic. I need to shower and get to Ivan's to head into the city. A meeting at work derailed my plans of having plenty of time so now I'm looking to fly home. Minus the flying of course.

Finally make it to Ivan's, where Kyle and Nick are ready, we're just waiting for Ivan. Outside, Nick strolls out with a beer. Kyle remembers he has a mortar in his car. He lights it while this thing shoots up bursting in to a legit firework explosion.

We making it to the spot. No parking. Ivan has trouble pulling into a spot, we lose it. Still searching, we find another awesome spot, this time Kyle pulls in, not before hitting the Saturn in front of us. We make it to the meter, 1-hour parking only. We walk away but Nick and I get in conversation with a homeless man, who asked if we were hungry and if we wanted to make a contribution.

Tommy meets us at the door of Ella Lounge. We head in. The place is sick. Great old school 1940's music. The place was decked out chic with Joan Crawford posters. Dark colors. The bartenders wore vests and bow ties. The party for Scallywag and Vagabond was impressive. Tommy did his thing. A lot of creative minds flowing, good people and alcohol.

Kyle drinks a full beer left behind at the bar. I lose my shit laughing.

Ivan messes around with people in the bar. We meet a violinist. She believes I'm a Rugby player. We drink the complimentary bottle of vodka with the team.

Some guy spills my drink.

We head out after Tommy leaves and after a chill night.

After rolling through a couple of spots here and there, just checking the scene we walk the streets like real vagabonds, eating 0.99 pizza from a Spanish guy, 1.50 with topping.

TKO in the car as Ivan drives home.

Do not feel like driving home from Ivan's. I do anyway.

About to pass out when Tommy texts me thanking me for coming out. Anytime man.

Cleverly Clothed / Ella Lounge

Matthew K.

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