Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Radio Word Vomit & Ivan Orama Interview?!?!?

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This is there first show that will be starting at 10PM each

and every wednesday. The show is called "Radio Word

Vomit" and they plan to keep viewers in tuned with

subjects ranging from funny shit, fashion, hair and whats

hot!!! The host Jose Genao aka Holloywood is a great

person with a personality like no other. You either love

him or want to kick him in the ass [Laughing]. He also

will have live music by DJ GWIZZ and others working

there words to keep you coming back week in and week

out. Tonight they will be interviewing me at

10:40pm so tune in to see and hear what is said.

Radio Word Vomit & Ivan Orama Interview
Ivan O.

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