Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drone Dies After Having Sex!!!

Drone Dies After
Having Sex!!!
Wow this is not cool one honey nut, bust, one night stand, late night hook up, booty call, and you die!. Male bees, known as drones, only exist for the purpose of mating with the queen. The queen will have several drones lined up to mate with her, and if a drone is lucky enough to mate with the queen the two bees will go into a mating flight, that is, to have sex in mid-air.

Unfortunately, the drone only gets laid
once in his life. The drone's penis and abdomen get ripped from his body during the mid-air hookup, and he quickly dies.

Life isn't so good for the drones that don't mate with the queen either. Worker bees feed the young drones until they are ready to mate.
Those that don't mate with the queen get kicked out of the hive and starve to death.
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Drone Dies
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