Monday, April 5, 2010

How To Make It In America!!!


Found out about this show from about 10 people

messaging and texting me that I needed to watch

this show because there were a lot of similarities / it

reminded them of what I'm doing. So I checked out

when it was on watched a show and I was hooked!

Something about the show really makes me see my self

and makes my laugh about how it is very similar.

I feel like I'm a little ahead of them but everyone

on the show matches up with someone that I know.

Its weird but great at the same time. Check out the

clips below and if you have hbo on demand or

your not doing anything this sunday throw

it on!! Also my dude Kid Cudi is an actor in the

show. Dude is doing his thing! Check out the

clip below of how he got the opportunity

to be on the show.



Kid Cudi Interview

How To Make It In America!!!
Ivan O.

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