Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Ugly NY License Plate!!!

What the fuck is this!!! This thing is the worst!!! You had to make it yellow!!! Couldn't have made the yellow part white!!!. [LAUGHING] The next time you head to the DMV to register your car, truck, or motorcycle, you will likely walk away with a different looking license plate.

According to the State Department of Motor Vehicles, the “Empire Gold” license plates which were unveiled last November are now available for purchase effective April 1. The new plates, which are reminiscent of plates used in the 1970s, will be available for passenger, commercial, and trailer registrations.

“Traditionally, new license plates are offered approximately every ten years and the last time we issued a new plate was the current Empire plate in 2001,” said DMV Commissioner David Swarts. “We are proud of the retro design of the new Empire Gold plate and we are pleased to offer it to the motoring public.” David just to let you know the new license plate looks like SHIT!!!.


NY License Plate
London O.


  1. Yellow is horrendous. I transferred my white plates over to my new car to avoid this eyesore. White would have looked nice, I think our Governor picked out this
    Maybe when I do get stuck with these ugly as sin plates I will paint them myself just like the author has them pictured with the white and blue. NYS will do anything for a buck it seems, I guess this is a good way to pay for all the welfare freeloaders.

  2. White goes with everything... yellow.. not so much lol VOMIT!!!