Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Am Your Father!!!

The Vader Project

The Vader Project is where 100 Darth Vader
Helmets have been handed out to some of the
Biggest names in Underground Art. They are
given the chance to put there own spin on the
Darth Vader Helmet in there own Style. I
wish the Exhibit wasn't in Cali, so I could check
it out. If you live in Cali and would be
interested in checking it out. Here is the info.

Opening Night Party
Friday, June 11 6pm - 10pm
With DJs The Crystal Pharaoh and
The Sucklord from BAND of the LOST
Saturday, June 12 2pm
Catalog signing with over 20 participating artists.
Open Daily from Noon - 6pm June 12 - 20.
6812 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA 90036

Here are a few Designs that will be
Showcased at The Vader Project!

The Vader Project
Kyle S.

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