Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Seuss on the Loose!!!

So I'm not even going to lie I'm a big Dr. Seuss fan!!. Ever since I was a kid I love to sit and read the same story over and over. You didn't??? Come on yea you did!! Some of your friends may even tell some good Dr.Seuss stories as well. Yea thats what I call a lier these days "OoOOo you wouldn't believe the story Dr.Seuss aka _____ ( Fill in the blank with what ever your friends name is that lies alot) said today!" Well Converse just came out with a new series of Dr.Seuss shoes that you might want to pick up so you can remember that friend or even get a pair for that friend that tells way to many Dr.Seuss stories!!!.


New Seuss on the Loose!!!


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