Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ivan Orama and Chus & Ceballos???

So a friend goes "Ivan I don't know if you know but
your in the Chus & Ceballos video on PACHA NY." I
checked it out and I was Laughing my ass off!!! Wait
till you see it! I'm doing the siren and they really
used my voice!!! Priceless!! Chus & Ceballos hit me
up man I will be your human siren!! When the
beat drops SIREN!!!! Think about it no
one has that!!!. Just pay for my meals and
travel and hook me up with $2000
a gig [Laughing].

Ivan Orama and Chus & Ceballos

When ever you hear a siren
in a club think about this!!!

Ivan Orama and Chus & Ceballos???


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