Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Documentary on Pro-Paintball team Aftermath!!!

To start it off this is a sport that I miss. The travels
and the people I got to meet were one of the best parts
about it. Going from there Team Aftermath was a group
of dudes that me and my team always chilled with
and shared many laughs with. The coolest and realest
dude that all of my boys from NY got a long with was
Mike Hinman. This dude was like us, he had a chip on
his shoulder and didn't give a "F" about what anyone
said but always welcomed us to come and hang
out in California. So one week before a tournament
we did just that and played with Aftermath, Infamous,
and Dynasty. It was a great time and Mike made sure
we learned and enjoyed every second of it!. Its
something I will never forget and with out further ado
enjoy the video below that gives you a glimpse of
"THE MAN" Mike Hinman and his team Aftermath.

Team Aftermath Documentary

Documentary on Pro-Paintball team Aftermath!!!


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