Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 VMA'S RECAP!!!


It was a good show!. K-west got a lot of press and Lady Gaga said all she does is win win win! Check out the captions below for the total recap of the 2010 VMA's.

Eminem not afraid performance was great and
Rihanna performing with him was a plus!!

Snooki Keep your hair like this!

Chelsea Handler borrowing a Lady Gaga outfit (JOKE)

Deadmau5 performing on stage during VMA's.
This is big for house music!!

Chelsea Handler comes out pregnant after being
in hot tub with The Situation, Pauly D,
JWOWW and Snooki of MTV's "Jersey Shore"

Cher still looks good!.

DRAKE+Swizz Beatz+Mary J= CLASSIC


Taylor Swift doing her thing without k-west
being a stone cold hater!!

Justin Bieber performing, dancing,
singing, and playing the drums!! Come on what
can't this kid do? I know grown ass women
that want this kid in the bed!.

Usher did his thing but for real the floor it
self that he was performing on was
ridiculous!! Imagine that floor in your
house! Come on!!

Katy Perry nice outfit and Nicki Minaj your
ass is ridiculous! Like it looks fake
but hope its not because I'm in love
with your pillow booty girl!! [Laughing]

Linkin Park = Classic!!!

Lady Gaga your dress was on point and I
loved your RUFIO from peter pan inspired hair style.

K-West just putting down an epic performance but
your still a dick. [Laughing] I love you man!.


2010 VMA'S RECAP!!!

London O.

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