Thursday, November 11, 2010



So for the past year every day on my personal facebook page I post what I'm doing for the day, write a quote or post a quote that moves me. Today I wanted to share my day 315 with you.

-DAY 315- Make that list of goals and for each goal put 5 little steps you could take to get that goal accomplished. Its a step by step process and every day you must work a little to make that over all goal become something you could be proud of. Everyone makes mistakes but with every mistake there is a lesson. Get where you want to be and never hold your self back again.

My Reply to the people that have given
me feedback on what I wrote above:

Thanks for the feedback! I had a great talk with a true friend earlier today and it just made me think about how I could take those small steps each day and get a litttle closer to where I want to be. I think about these HUGE goals I have for my self and some times get caught up in trying to knock them out in a days time. Its a great thing to know when your at fault and when your not. Life is about learning and thats what I look to do daily. This is deep I know but hey its what it is I'm really just trying to reach that ultimate goal I have for my self. I guess some times you have to change the formula. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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