Thursday, November 18, 2010

SamO 2010 OF THE X-FENZ!!!

SamO is someone that I happen to know for years and respect what he does. B-BOYING is an art that I love to go watch and be amazed by. I wish I could pop and lock my self but all I can do is salsa and maybe do the worst worm dance you have ever seen in your life [LAUGHING]. I remember in High School seeing SamO and his crew practicing after school every day. Dudes were focused and it shows from the sicksess they have to date. So below is a video of SamO showing off some of his moves in Dumbo Brooklyn, and at battles him and his crew have been in across the globe. Enjoy and be inspire to stand for your very own passion.


SamO 2010 OF THE X-FENZ!!!

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  1. I love this, its awesome how its a whole underground community. Keep doing your thing guys and never look back!

    Jay Rammy