Monday, February 14, 2011

REAL PEOPLE: Christy Vaia House Music???

Yeah thats right Christy Vaia is in the house game with what I call a banger or what others call a great track!. It sounds like a track that you could tell had some time put into it. Not just some Bullshit some other people are putting out these days. You know what... you have to listen for your self and be the judge!. Also check out three quick questions we have asked Christy as well. Much respect to Christy Vaia ( Your Voice Sounds Great!) and Chuck D. (Your a house music super hero!). Both of you keep doing your thing and stay true!.

This track sounds dope fresh cool, will
we be hearing anything new soon?

Chuck and I are currently working on
three projects. We hope to have these
songs out by late Spring and definitely
plan on doing more after. All I can
say is there will be more to come soon!

How was it working with Chuck D?

Chuck and I have a great working
relationship. We both have
something to bring to the table...
different strengths so it's a very
good combo. It is a natural and
fluid process and trust me, it
doesn't always come so easily!.

Who would you love to work with
in the future?

I would love to work with
Sharam. He is an absolutely
amazing producer.


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REAL PEOPLE: Christy Vaia House Music???

London O.

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