Friday, February 18, 2011

REAL PEOPLE: Just This Girl Kells!!!

Yeah this is just Kells in cancun walking around half naked enjoying the sun. Her next little trip will be to Miami in March for the Ultra House Music weekend. Below are 5 questions we have asked Kells and some pictures from her trip. Yeah a request for pictures from the Miami trip she is going on in March have already been made! :). Also below is her personal twitter so you could say hello!.

1. How was it being in the sun
for 5 days half naked?

Being in the sun half naked for 5 days
was AMAZING!!. I got so much positive
feedback on everything from my swimsuits,
dancing, hair, body, personality plus I came
home with an incredible tan and lots
of new friends/admirers! Heeehee

2. Where is the place to be when
your in cancun?

When you're in cancun the places to be
are the clubs named: The City, Bulldog,
Cocobongo, Señor Frogs, its an absolute
must to be on the beach, in the bars and
pool every single day!!

3. Drink of choice when you
where in cancun?

Drinks of choice...come on caballitos
de TEQUILA (shots)!!. LOL I drank
everything the bartenders gave me.
They had Piña Coladas, Romancè
Caribeño, Miami Vice, Vodka Coronas
for days (it was a Corona sponsored event).
It was none stop drinking 24/7.

4. Did you meet the man of your dreams
there and if you didn't why not?

Yes I did meet ALL the MEN of my
dreams lol. I've never seen so many
gorgeous Argentinians, Mexicans and
the men from Spain...bellizimos!!.

5. Are you going to hook us up with picture
from your trip in March to Miami?

I will definitely hook you up with Miami
pics!. Taking pics in tiny bikinis
come on WHY NOT!?!.


REAL PEOPLE: Just This Girl Kells!!!

London O.

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