Friday, October 16, 2009


Hey People. Thanks for tuning into My Name is Mike Duzzy and I will be adding a new element to the I.O Blog. Being that I do all the advertising for Caribbean Islands, Europe, Dubai, and South Africa for American Express Vacations, Ivan thought it would be a cool idea to give his blog readers a first look at some of the dopest destinations around the wold. So, we will call this column "DUZZY'S DEALS & DESTINATIONS!".

DUZZY'S DESTINATION: So the heads up for October are the crazy cheap packages to Aruba. Aruba is know as the island of 90,000 friends you haven't met yet! Why? People in Aruba are some of the nicest human beings on the planet! Aruba is also a crazy fly destination. Talk about felling like your on the edge of the earth while being barefoot looking over the crystal clear blue water. The beaches in Aruba are pure white with super soft sand that does not feel like fire ants in areas of your body during crazy hot sex on the beach. Definitely a laid back rock star destination where you and your significant other can get your Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson on.

The Dilly: Being that your boy DUZZY has the inside scoop as to which islands are hurting for tourist business and discounting their prices significantly to boost the number of passengers booking vacations, I can tell you confidently that you can get 5 nights in Aruba with airfare for around $700 per person!!.

The Game Plan: Get your boys or girls and motivate them to work a couple of extra shifts. Stack $700+ and get your ass to Aruba people!! Like my boy Ivan O. always says "You only live once!!!!".

The Real Deal Break Down: Listen, Aruba is not a typically a cheap destination. Everybody speaks english on this island so you know that aruba is not a destination you go to save money. Being that the recession is here, prices are low because passengers are planning "Staycations" not vacations.

Shameless Plug: So that's DUZZY'S DEALS AND DESTINATIONS for October. If you want me to get you this deal to Aruba or you're interested in going somewhere else, hit me up. Real interests only. Don't hit me up with some crazy request like, "Hey Mike where can I go for $200?". Get a job or get on your grind. Stack some paper and hit me up. Oh and make sure you give me the dates or when you want to travel, where you would like to go, and your budget and I will be able to hook you up. Peace.


Mike D.

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