Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wild Style
Cold and Wet link-up!

The Weather is getting Cold and Wet. Why not find an outfit that can help in both direction.

Don't be scared of what is about to be throw at you. I was on my way to the fishing hole out back to catch some dinner. Even though the fish can't see me I still wanted to look flashy. I bring to you Urban Fishing. Muddy cold water is no match for my Ranger "Crystal River" Waders. Keeping me at a comfortable temperature while I walk among the cold swampy waters.

On top of the water I see the reflection of my D and G belt. Hello. A nice dub-X theremal shirt to keep my inside warm. On top of that layer a nice French Connection denim jacket lined with the Fantastic Fur from Little Bo Peeps baby sheep. Around my jugular is a fine piece of cotton material that can be found on any street corner in NYC for Fi-dolla. The lips are presses up against is my candy cigarette. Its usually tucked on top of my ear, but for this occasion I brought it to the party.

Up to my noggin is a New ERA ball cap that can have any of your favorite teams logo on it, brought to you by Lids. The brim has a small area of shade, but my Ray-Ban Blueblocker sunglasses really top it off. Allowing me to keep my eyes wide open with no UV rays flowing in. Giving me full vision on my Rod just incase the Big one Bites. But time flies by when your having fun. Upon my wrist you can see a Fresh black leather LED watch that allows me to know when its time to get the F home.

The Freshness is always coming,

Wild Style

Kyle S.

Set Coordinator I.O

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