Saturday, October 10, 2009

Phone guy!

Phone guy says

"Upgrade to BBM 5.0!"

The new bbm ( blackberry messenger ) is a great update to an already useful and fun application. Now if you don't use a blackberry you might not know exactly what I am talking about. Basically bbm is a program similar to a normal im client just limited from blackberry to blackberry. Besides just personal or social use, bbm has also been embraced by the business world because of delivery speed, notification ( yea, you can tell if someone has read your message yet or not ! ) and group chat.

If a company has say a fleet of sales people, they can actually have a conference call on their phone with a group of blackberry users all at one time via bbm. Picture a chat room on your phone where all users can respond in one area that all involved can see. Now nothing I have said here is anything new to someone that already has a blackberry, but the new version 5.0 has some interesting new tweaks. Being a technician at my store, I've come across a very common issue with customers, " how do I find my pin? what is my pin? ". There are two basic ways to find your pin, first in the settings menu of your phone it's displayed in status. The second way not too many people know about and it is pre-loaded in newer blackberries. While composing a text or email type, "mypin" hit space bar and like magic your pin appears.

Getting back to the new 5.0, your device will actually create a unique barcode that can be used to add bbm contacts. Yes a bar code. The camera on your blackberry smartphone will read the barcode on either the new users screen or through a computer screen, scan it and add that user as a new contact! Using it first hand I was very impressed how well it worked. Besides that the new bbm takes the program up a notch by adding profiles, an update section, groups and a feature that everyone has been waiting for; backup and restore! Too many times have I had customers crushed by the fact that their bbm contacts have been lost with a broken device or a OS crashing and leaving them with no info. So in closing, I'm very happy with the new update to this app. They have a thumbs up from me! Blackberry messenger can be updated through your phone via blackberry appworld or directly from the official site.

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Phone Guy

Nick S.

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