Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wild Style!!!

Wild Style brings

a little freestyle out!!!

People, don't be scared to mix it up. You only live once. Loud and crazy comes to mind with my first outfit off the shelf. My DaddyO is a normal guy but has some wicked swag stashed away in the closet. I bring to you the Loud Leather mix up. Head to toe. Old school full face teal skully dug out of the coal mines of the front

hall closet in no mans land.

The sun is a little bright so my Ray-Ban shades will keep my corneas from burning. To the best around the chest. The UrbanO inner rustic yellow V neck draws the eyes in. Then fade to my brass knuckle skull mix hoodie that adds a little pop behind my Dads Raw Leather Biker Jacket. Tuff leather made by the Best cows in Cali. Where happy cows live. This jacket is about 10 pounds and packs a Heavy punch of style.

Down South where the H to the M lives. A fresh pair of Un-dezz. White with a blue trim, a black skull stitched beltski, and Jeans with a mild dirty wash with a few rips to give me some character. Leading you down to my piglets covered in 2 different colored socks cause I can never find the same kind. These feet are wrapped in a finely made canvas kicks with a small set of laces and a teal color that screams look I am not like you. Freestyling! You should try it.

Stay tuned for more freshness to come,

Wild Style

Kyle S.

Set Coordinator I.O

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