Sunday, November 1, 2009

DJ Sound Off: Gene Drepan

Music is a key element that allows people to let loose and escape reality. Gene Drepan, aka DJ Jeno, lives by this theory. He is not only a DJ, but a producer and remixer as well. Whether he is behind the decks or in the studio, its an idea he always applies. It has been said that his style of layering music and remixing tracks musically separates him from the rest. With creative drops and technical remixing, the average club-goer gets a fascinating combination of music every time. His career has already taken him to top venues in Long Island which include Tavern
Nightclub, Four Studio, Blue Lounge, Bianco Ultra Lounge and Oragin Nightclub. He also headlined Halloween Night 2008 at Mantra in Manhattan where he played a 9 hour set for a crowd of 850 people strong. So keep an ear out for this young DJ because he is determined to leave some footprints in the sand on this beach we call HOUSE MUSIC!.

36 Minute Mix

DJ Sound Off
Gene Drepan

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