Monday, November 2, 2009

Wild Style
Risky Biznass!

You want it? I'll steal it.

But it will be done in Style!

Home Depot, hook me up with this over sized hammer that I can use to smash anything in my way. Omg!, this full body cotton trench coat is so warm and sleek it won't allow me to snag any fabric on sharp objects. Which means, I won't be leaving a trail of my DNA behind to be found. I got it off some bitch ass on Wall Street walking out of AIG. I like to play some funky tunes from time to time. Think Tom Hanks in Big. That's why I got my piano scarf tucked away under my Jacket to play some notes and save me from any guard dog trying to chow down on my Jugular.

On to my face. I can't have anyone notice me at the scene of the crime. Big ass shades to cover the color of my eyes and a nice black hat I snagged of my grandpa's coffee table. I also threw on my

x-ray bandana. The cops won't believe anyone who says a male skeleton around 5'10 robbed their house. Bitch your crazy is what they will think. Just incase my cover is blown, I will need to get out of there in a flash. New to the kick scene, grenade gloves come out with some freshness. From high tops to boat shoes, these will allow me be to beat the heat in no time. Hopping fences and juking out the Five-O like Adrian Peterson.

Stay true and show your style,

Wild Style

Kyle S.

Set Coordinator I.O

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