Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Movie Review!

High Tension

Director: Alexandre Aja

Starring: Cecile De France, Maiwenn Le Besco, Philippe Nahon.

First off, Switchblade Romance is definitely a better title.

Second, This is an Alexandre Aja movie he did prior to the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, which was dope.

Third, sorry for the subtitles.

Fourth, there is a scene where the lead actress masturbates to reggae music.

Fifth, this is definitely a film to study the craft of film. The acting, blocking, lighting, sound and cinematography to me is on point beyond comprehension.

Sixth, someone's head gets ripped off in one of the rungs on a stair.

Seventh, it plays with your fears. Ha.

Eighth, the muse has the ending theme music.

Ninth, and probably the greatest part, the killer gets wrapped in plastic then smashed in the face with a spiked bat. The plastic gets peeled off and you see and hear it being pulled off the now indented flesh of the man. Insanity.

Tenth, there are tons of little homage throughout the film to other horror films.

Can you catch them?

If you're staying in any time this week, cop this film and watch someone's mothers throat get slit.

My favorite <3

Movie Review

Matthew K.


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