Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hair 101: Wanna Bang?

Any body Wanna Bang?

This winter warm up your forehead ladies! Bangs are definitely in. Side bangs are an easy way to give your hair some style without doing anything crazy to your haircut. A full bang can be shocking at first. So trying a side bang is always your best bet. To all you daring girls a chunky fuller bang is definitely my favorite! Be sure to explain to your stylist you want them full. Stylists tend to blow dry hair straighter than you would. So you will need some extra hair for the fullness if you want to achieve that severe "Paris Hilton" bang. May I also add that blow drying your bangs straight and adding soft curls to the rest then topping it with some texture cream and hairspray makes a perfect date night or girls night do! If all the above doesn't work for you, its easy to just clip them up! Thankfully they're easy to grow out.

Styling Tools:

1. Blowdryer.

2. Small round brush.

3. Flat iron.

4. Any type of oil (to protect your hair from any potential damage due to excessive heat).

- I highly recommend, Loreal Series

Expert Liss Extreme or Moroccan Oil-

4 steps to perfect bangs:

1.) With a small round brush blow dry your bangs 90% dry.

2.) Flat iron your bangs.

3.) Using a comb, brush them out and just play around with them.

4.) A little spray goes a long way. DON'T over hairspray your hair!.

Hair 101

Michelle C.

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