Friday, February 12, 2010

Artist Sound Off: Peter Leo

Peter Leo

Sound Off!!!

There are many artist that make there way onto the scene and have a quick hello that follows with a quick good bye! Peter Leo has a different plan. Raised in Brentwood Long Island home of EPMD, this man is on a mission to get the word out about his talent!. Performing from Manhattan to the deepest part of Long Island his goal is to show others with hard work comes reward. You know I'm not into that hood garbage music (Hood Music Example: I killed your dog, your cat and your mama!! son son!!!) no one like's it any more!. This guy P.L has a different sound. It gave me a little Lost Boys feel but with a punch of that new I have to be different attitude. Keep your ears out for P.L and the two major record labels on his tail!.

Peter Leo- A Vibe Called Stress

Artist Sound Off: Peter Leo
Ivan O.

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