Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zeal Recon Transcend Ski Goggles!

Next Level
Ski Goggles!!!

speed, altitude and more in real time. Transcend
goggles are a partnership between two companies:
Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments. The result is a pair
of goggles that contain hardware to measure speed,
altitude, time, temperature and GPS coordinates a list
of information that's displayed through a HUD. Buttons
on the side of the goggles will allow you to scan through
information on the ski lift, which will be especially useful
as Transcend gains additional promised functions,
including trail maps, cellphone display integration and
video recording. These Bad A$$ Goggles will be available
this fall for between $350 and $450.

Fresh New Products
Kyle S.


  1. Wow! the GPS technology goggles illustrated in this post sounds very impressive and good.What would be its market cost prise.
    ski goggles

  2. Jacob,

    There going to go for about $400-$500. There no joke, kind of rockstar / predator-ish.

    -Ivan Orama-